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Tann Standard Anti Explosive 31

DIMENSIONS - 780 / 580 / 580 mm
WEIGHT - 305 kg
VOLUME - 89 m3

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The Standard safe is designed for all office and business uses where both burglar and fire protection are required.

The door has an overall thickness of 5 1/2". Incorporating both fire and burglar protection it has 3/4” of drill resisting steel to protect the vital lock and bolt mechanisms.

The body is bent cold and welded to form one single unit of 1/4" steel. This is heavily reinforced around the door frame to give excellent resistance to explosive attack. The safe has a steel inner body and between the two bodies is a 3" layer of JOHN TANN fire-resisting material.

The door is secured by 1 1/2" diameter bolts (3 in no. 31 and 4 in no. 42) at the front edge and the same number of fixed bolts at the back. The bolts shoot directly into the body of the safe. One 10-lever keylock with key in duplicate and one 3-wheel combination lock (capable of 1,000,000 changes) are fitted as standard.

This arrangement provides maximum convenience during the day when the keylock may be used alone and great security overnight when both key and combination locks are operational. The safe is also available with:

A) One 10-lever keylock only.

B) One 3-wheel combination lock only. Other locking arrangements to order.

If either of the locks is damaged or destroyed by means of explosives, heat etc. this device operates and holds the bolts securely in the locked position.

Adjustable shelves and drawers can be fitted. The drawers are normally supplied in pairs side by side and each locked by one keylock.

Fixing cramps can be fitted for fixing to a wall or floor.

Safes are finished in two dignified shades of grey and fitted with chromium plated handles, escutcheons, etc.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Tann Standard Anti Explosive 31 305 780 / 580 / 580 610 / 410 / 350 89
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Model Tann Standard Anti Explosive 31
Weight 305
External H / W / D (mm) 780 / 580 / 580
Internal H / W / D (mm) 610 / 410 / 350
Volume (litres) 89
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