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Stratford Strong Hold MK 2 3520

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DIMENSIONS - 1042 / 661 / 674 mm
WEIGHT - 584 kg
VOLUME - 227 m3

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Of all the things you buy, none needs more careful selection than a Safe. Better not to buy one at all than to buy a bad one, for it may be an invitation to burglary and may fail in fire. The same may be said of most of the old safes in use today — modern methods of attack make short work of them, and their insulation against fire probably gave out years ago.

Excellent protection at surprisingly reasonable cost is now available in Stratford Stronghold Mark 3 Safes. Bristling with burglar-baffling devices, including one that protects against explosive attack on the lock, and giving fire protection to books and papers, the Stronghold is ideal for the smaller business. The strength of a safe must of course be commensurate to the value of its contents and the risk involved. Stratford or your authorised dealer will gladly give you confidential advice.

Robust twelve bent, electrically welded construction with minimum radius corners to preclude weakness. Incorporating a fire-resisting and anti-penetration monolith capable of withstanding extreme stress. Body opening reinforced by heavy channel to resist leverage.

Unique patent new design incorporates over 1" thickness of steel and special drill-resisting alloy over the whole surface of the door and gives protection against explosives and other prevalent methods of attack. Live relocking device always on guard, secures bolts in event of attack by explosives or other means.

Standard locking — one seven lever keylock by John Tann Ltd. (bankers' engineers) with keys in duplicate. Optional extras — second keylock or three number combination lock in lieu of or in addition to keylock.

Normally supplied in duplicate. Additional keys can only be supplied by copying originals. Keys are nickel plated steel for hard wear.

Interior fittings
A variety of shelves, drawers, etc. is available; for details see below.

Internally controlled anchors available for all sizes for bedding into concrete or bolting to wood floor. Anchoring strongly recommended.

Fire protection
Officially tested at Fire Research Station. Fire resistance — half hour in furnace with temperature rising to nearly 1800°F (983° C.) on British Standard Institution time/temperature Scale BS.476.

Why the Stronghold Mark 3 gives you so much protection
Naturally many of the details must remain secret but consider these features up to now only found in more expensive safes.

Explosive resistance
Live anti-explosive device, on guard as soon as the safe is locked, automatically secures bolts if main lock is damaged.

Lock tampering
Precision made key locks by John Tann Ltd. bankers engineers, baffle picking. Combination locks also available.

Overall strength
New stronger design of both body and door and massive steel bolts on both edges of door. Minimum radius corners exclude weakness. Body opening reinforced by heavy channel to resist leverage.

Door strength
The door of the Mark 3 safe has over 1" thickness of steel and special drill resisting alloy covering its whole surface.

Fire protection
Officially tested fire resistance — half hour in furnace with temperature rising to nearly 1800°F (983°C). Proved protection for books and papers.

Alternative locking systems include one or two multi-lever precision type key locks or three number combination lock with or without additional keylock. Sensibly designed interior fittings enable full use to be made of the capacity of the safe.

Available in three sizes and beautifully finished in hammer grey enamel gloss with streamlined control panel and chrome handle.

Internally controlled anchor lugs available for bedding into concrete, or bolting to wood floor. Anchoring strongly recommended.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Stratford Strong Hold MK 2 3520 584 1042 / 661 / 674 889 / 508 / 502 227
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Model Stratford Strong Hold MK 2 3520
Weight 584
External H / W / D (mm) 1042 / 661 / 674
Internal H / W / D (mm) 889 / 508 / 502
Volume (litres) 227
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