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Stratford Data 5325T

DIMENSIONS - 1515 / 692 / 626 mm
WEIGHT - 280 kg
VOLUME - 270 m3

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Stratford DATA Safe

General Description
The Data Safe provides a convenient storage facility for Computer media. The size range offered meets the needs of both large and small users of computing systems. The interchangeability of the internal fittings caters for the continually changing nature of computer media.

The distinctive inner cabinet gives additional insulation ensuring that the internal temperature and humidity are held down below the recommended critical levels. The generally accepted critical temperature above which damage can occur is 65°C (150°F).

The Data Safe has been specially designed and tested for the fire protection of computer media. Years of intensive research and testing resulted in the development of the efficient material used for this purpose. It combines almost negligible heat transference with lightness, thus reducing handling and floor loading problems. It also has the very low moisture content essential for the safe storage of magnetic tape and discs. The construction is also such that the inner and outer linings are not in direct contact, but join via an insulating material, in order to minimise thermal conductivity.

The Data Safe is finished in a hard melamine paint. Special application of the final coat produces an attractive textured finish. The body is Caribbean Blue while the door is light grey with stainless steel trim, satin chrome handwheel and key escutcheon.

Left hand hung doors are available at extra cost.

The boltwork is a four way system operated by a handwheel. Locking is effected by a 7 lever security lock.

The Fire Research Organisation Official Furnace Tests

Stratford Computer Firesafe.

Place of Test
Fire Research Station, Borehamwood, Herts.

To prove that Stratford Computer Firesafes protect records in conditions simulating those of actual fires where, not only intense heat, but collapse of buildings and effects of water might be encountered.

Reports F.R.O.S.I. No. 4873A.

Findings and conclusion

The Stratford Computer Firesafe, containing computer tape in plastic containers and on plastic spools, 1316 Disc Pack, as normally supplied by manufacturers, was placed into a furnace. The temperature of the furnace was raised to over 926.5°C in accordance with BSI time/temperature scale BS 476. After one hour the firesafe was removed and cooled by a water hose. It was then forced open and after rigorous tests by the manufacturers the contents were found to be in perfect condition; the recorded data was in no way affected.

Report No. 4892/E

A second firesafe with similar contents was heated in the furnace for 45 minutes on scale BS 476. It was then removed from the furnace and dropped from a height of 16' on to a pile of rubble. The firesafe was then subjected to a further 30 minutes in the already heated furnace on the same time/ temperature scale. It was then removed and subjected to rapid cooling by jets of water. It was then forced open, the contents were found to be intact, the recorded data had been in no way affected.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Stratford Data 5325T 280 1515 / 692 / 626 1264 / 502 / 425 270
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Model Stratford Data 5325T
Weight 280
External H / W / D (mm) 1515 / 692 / 626
Internal H / W / D (mm) 1264 / 502 / 425
Volume (litres) 270
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