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SMP Halesfield 2316

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DIMENSIONS - 825 / 646 / 670 mm
WEIGHT - 870 kg
VOLUME - 97 m3

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SMP Halesfield Cash Safe

The safe body is constructed from 6mm B.S.4360-43A steel and is electrically welded by modern processes. The inner lining also 6mm thick is completely encased on all five sides by a 25mm thick ALURAMIC CASTING. Hidden within the casting are ceramic needles which are strategically positioned to ensure that complete protection is afforded vital sections of the safe body and lining. The casting process is carried out at the SMP Telford Foundry where quality control is monitored to an exacting standard by electronic equipment.

Between the Aluramic casting and the steel outer case is 83mm of Zacalox M concrete which has a crushing strength of 19,350 Ibs p.s.i. The Zacalox M concrete contains WIRAND carbon steel fibres evenly distributed within the matrix by super-plasticizers. Both inner and outer body sections are keyed into the protective matrix to prevent delamination attacks by criminals.

The door is an electrically welded monolith incorporating a drill and torch resisting ALURAMIC CASTING containing ceramic perforated pads fitted with needles which are cast in at strategic points to protect vital areas of the boltwork.

The boltwork operates on three sides of the door with bolts of 38mm diameter travelling 25mm into the inner lining. The bolt ends are protected by steel cups and ceramic needles which are encased in the ALURAMIC CASTING. Fixed dogging bolts of 38mm diameter protect the hinge side of the door from wedging and explosive attacks.

The Halesfield Safe is a dual locking unit being secured by a Sargent & Greenleaf 4 Wheel Keyless Combination Lock and a SMP S520 Seven Lever Keylock. Multiple locking is available on request at extra cost.

The SMP S520 Keylock is of unique design, having open ended false notched levers receiving twin talons which are randomly positioned across the lock bolt on assembly. This prevents lock picking and drilling to remove the bolt stump by criminals.

Anti-explosive devices
The Halesfield Safe is protected by several anti-explosive devices and all are non-returnable once activated, and permanently locks the boltwork making the safe inoperable.

The live anti-explosive devices are primed every time the safe is locked. The dead anti-explosive devices are controlled by spring loaded mechanisms attached to 6 hardened glass plates by stainless steel wire. In the event of criminal attack the glass plate will shatter and release the spring loaded AED's into the boltwork rendering the safe inoperable. All the dead AED's are inter-connected and one disturbed or shattered glass plate will activate AED's in the door.

Thermal AED devices
Randomly positioned within the network of wire traces these thermal devices will trigger at temperatures of 160 degrees F during an oxy-acetylene attack and engage spring loaded mechanisms to render the safe inoperable.

Floor anchoring
All safes manufactured at SMP have provision for anchoring to either wood or concrete floors. This operation needs to be carried out by qualified personnel from the manufacturer or his agent.

All safes can be supplied with removable shelves adjustable at 12mm pitches with support brackets. Lockable full width drawers are available for all models.

Deposit facilities
Rotary Traps, Angled Deposit Tubes and Drawer Traps are available, but check with your Insurance Surveyor before ordering as they can reduce the cash risk allowable.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
SMP Halesfield 2316 870 825 / 646 / 670 585 / 407 / 407 97
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Model SMP Halesfield 2316
Weight 870
External H / W / D (mm) 825 / 646 / 670
Internal H / W / D (mm) 585 / 407 / 407
Volume (litres) 97
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