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SLS Bankers Treasury MK 3 3520

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DIMENSIONS - 890 / 508 / 483 mm
WEIGHT - 1501 kg
VOLUME - 678 m3

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SLS Bankers Treasury Mark 3 Range Safes

The stringent security requirements of the Banks and Financial Houses throughout the World are amply met by the Bankers Treasury Mark 3 range. These safes offer unmatched Bankers quality protection. Research and development combined with independent testing has proved the strength of the construction of this safe range.

The massive door incorporates a special casting named zacalloy – a special stainless steel, combining a matrix of zac nuggets and patented superamics – ceramic pegs sus­pended in the casting. This barrier offers defence against all forms of attack, the total protective thickness being 4" /100 mm.

The safe body is formed from '/4"/ 6mm steel, and contains a one piece bell casting of Zacalum – sophisti­cated aluminium alloy plus zac nuggets. Incorporated in the casting are special superamic pads to resist diamond-core drill attack. Maintain­ing the SLS philosophy of multi-barriers the body protection is com­pleted by high strength wirand zacrete, the total protective thick­ness being 4 3/4"/120mm.

From the above specification, it will be seen that consideration has been given to the complete spectrum of criminal attack, including all forms or thermic attack, diamond core or carbide tipped drills, construction/ demolition power tools, force and explosives.

The Bankers Treasury Mark 3 safe range is provided with dual locking as standard. Variations include high security four wheel keyless combi­nation locks, or the SLS patented anti-drill keylock. Two or three movement timelocks can be pro­vided at additional cost.

The locking mechanisms are additionally protected by special glass plates, sensitive to all forms of attack through the door or the safe body. These are connected to ran­dom relocking devices, with the S/S wire in a special tamper-proof tube, again placed randomly. Live AED's operate each time the locks are operated.

The massive moving boltwork is operated by a central bolt throw mechanism, and when locked into position, forms an integral part of the safe body.

Adjustable shelves, full and half width lockable drawers and cupboards are optional extras. The latter can be with deposit features or time delay locks.

The safe body is in an attractive dark hammer brown, with the door contrasting light brown semi-matt enamel. A stainless steel facia panel completes the external finish.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
SLS Bankers Treasury MK 3 3520 1501 890 / 508 / 483 1130 / 750 / 800 678
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Model SLS Bankers Treasury MK 3 3520
Weight 1501
External H / W / D (mm) 890 / 508 / 483
Internal H / W / D (mm) 1130 / 750 / 800
Volume (litres) 678
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