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Rosengren RT-3 1812

  • Cash rating
DIMENSIONS - 629 / 483 / 533 mm
WEIGHT - 388 kg
VOLUME - 42 m3

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Over a century Rosengrens of Sweden have created for themselves a reputation as the foremost designer and manufac­turer of security safes throughout Scan­dinavia and Europe. Over the last decade Rosengrens have successfully established their range of Bankers, Treasury, and Commercial heavy duty safes in the United Kingdom. Now, applying their Swedish expertise and tradition of excel­lence to manufacture at Telford in the U.K., they have designed and developed an entirely new range of smaller cash safes — the `RT' Range.

Modern attacks on safes demonstrate use of a wide variety of lethal, sophisti­cated weaponry. Resistance to such attacks requires equally sophisticated technology. The RT-3, available in four sizes, meets such a need, being the cul­mination of extensive research and test­ing. The modern style and finish of the RT-3 blend with any environment.

The RT-3 range is protected by an exclusive Rosengrens concrete amalgam forming a monolithic barrier to provide main overall protection including special anti-delamination measures. Each unit is designed to resist modern burglary tech­niques e.g. oxy-acetylene, percussion drills, cutters etc. used singly or in sequence.

Safe door: houses the lock and bolt mechanisms and is armoured with a heavy duty chromalum and steel bonded slab. This constitutes an overall thick­ness of 65mm of triple protection. This maximises torch and drill resistance.

Anti-explosive devices: The RT-3 is fitted with live and dead anti-explosive devices.

Locking: a single keylock is standard, with a facility for an alternative keyless combination lock. An optional second lock may be fitted. A timelock can be installed on all sizes except the 1812.

Flooring: In general the RT-3 will be compatible with the floor strength of most buildings, new or old.

The extras: The base fixing of the safe to wood or concrete is recommended. A range of fittings is available ... Full width — lockable drawers . . . adjustable shelves ... rotary and capsule deposit traps are available (Not on 1812 size).


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Rosengren RT-3 1812 388 629 / 483 / 533 457 / 305 / 305 42
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Model Rosengren RT-3 1812
Weight 388
External H / W / D (mm) 629 / 483 / 533
Internal H / W / D (mm) 457 / 305 / 305
Volume (litres) 42
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