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Rosengren Euro Citizen 70W (Heavy)

  • Cash rating
DIMENSIONS - 850 / 650 / 630 mm
WEIGHT - 560 kg
VOLUME - 140 m3

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Rosengrens EuroCitizen Safes

The cash safe with both burglary and fire protection
Every year a large number of offices and companies are put to enormous expense due to destroyed or lost information, stolen cash and valuables caused by burglaries, robberies and fires. EuroCitizen are Rosengrens European tested cash safes which gives good protection against burglary, robbery and fire.

Both burglary- and fire protection
EuroCitizen is available in two different grades, 0 and 1. Both grades are tested and certified by the LPC Loss Pre­vention Council. The Fire protection is certified to 60P which means that documents stored in EuroCitizen is legible even after 60 min. in a major fire.

Two options
EuroCitizen is also available in two different weight options. One heavy model for extra security and alternatively one lighter model in order to minimize the floor load. Both models are prepared for base anchoring.

Ten sizes and flexible fittings
EuroCitizen can, thanks to the various sizes from 43 to 320 litres and the possibility to choose a wider version in both grades and sizes - EuroCitizen W, be used for many purposes. This, combined with a large variety of fittings, e.g. lockable compartment, lockable drawer, extra fire protection for data media with a data media insert, gives the possibility to provide storage exactly adapted to the requirements. For EuroCitizen W models are also extensible shelf and extensible file frame etc available.

The attractive design in off-white makes the safes blend well in modern office environments.

Resettable Keylock
EuroCitizen/ W standard versions are equipped with Rosengrens resettable keylock RKL-10, which means that the existing lock easily can be reset to new keys. The high security lock RKL-10 has more than 90 million key variation possibilities. The safes can also be equipped with combination locks and are prepared for dual locking as standard in order to further improve security.

Deposit Unit
EuroCitizen W can also be equipped with a deposit unit to both grades. The great advantage of the deposit unit is that money can be placed in the safe, through the deposit drawer without any chance to reach anything in the safe, while it remains locked. Pull resistance of the deposit drawer is above 10 tons. The deposit unit is equipped with our own resettable key lock and has the same options. As standard the depository is placed at the front but can face all four ways to suit any application.

The EuroCitizen W deposit unit is delivered with a deposit shelf, placed in the upper part of the safe. As an optional extra a lockable deposit compartment can be supplied, for even greater security. For through the wall installations, a special reinforced deposit connection kit is available.

ISO 9000
Rosengrens production units are today certified according to ISO 9000 which guarantees top quality. Our products are furthermore subject to external manufacturing control.

Rosengrens is Europe's leading manufacturer of security solutions. It is our responsibility to inform you how to protect your most valuable assets against fire, break-ins and theft. It is our job to provide the tailor-made solutions. We have been doing it for over 150 years, so we know our business. Let us help you to help yourself. Consult us when it comes to security, because Rosengrens is more than just safe.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Rosengren Euro Citizen 70W (Heavy) 560 850 / 650 / 630 700 / 500 / 400 140
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Model Rosengren Euro Citizen 70W (Heavy)
Weight 560
External H / W / D (mm) 850 / 650 / 630
Internal H / W / D (mm) 700 / 500 / 400
Volume (litres) 140
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