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Leabank Royal Executive EX-68ST

Leabank Royal Executive EX-68ST the key to security
DIMENSIONS - 638 / 473 / 502 mm
WEIGHT - 110 kg
VOLUME - 49 m3

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Leabank Royal Executive EX-68ST

Business is becoming more and more security conscious, whilst the effects of burglary can be costly and inconvenient, most items can be covered by insurance. Similarly, fire loss can be insured against, but the effects of fire can be much more devastating than theft. Within six months of a fire destroying their vital documents 43% of all companies go into liquidation. The loss of purchase ledgers can be a hinderance but credi­tors will be quick to advise you of your obligations; the loss of a sales ledger can be an unsolvable nightmare. The new Royal Executive Firesafes have been manufactured to protect legal docu­ments, deeds, accounts hedgers, computer print out etc., against fire and theft.

This attractively designed range fits ideally into the modern office environment. The flush finished surface has no protruding hinges and the handle is recessed into the lock panel. The safes are fitted with a duel locking mechanism, using a key and integrated circuit push button combination. The digital number combination has a simple reset facility on the inside of the door. The integrated circuit is powered by 6V. batteries, with a battery indicator light on the lock key board. The Royal Executive Firesafes have a fully welded, double-wall carcase.' This is filled with a fire resistant, non-toxic, asbestos-free, portland cement based bubble concrete. During manufacture the concrete is poured into the space between the walls and expands while drying to become a solid, one-piece core ensuring all round protection. The doors are of a similar construction and have contoured edges which interlock with the carcase providing extra fire resistance between the door and body. The doors also have fixed bolts at the top, base and on the hinged side for extra security. An automatic panic catch is fitted to the door so it can be quickly closed in an emergency and the contents will be protected from fire damage.

For extra security a bolt to floor fixing kit can be provided.

The Firesafe is put into a furnace and heated up to 1010°C (1850°F) over a period of two hours, reaching 927°C (1700°F) after the first hour, in accordance with the Standard time/temperature curve. At the end of two hours the Firesafe is removed from the furnace and dropped from a height of 4 metres (13 feet) onto a concrete and rubble floor. The Firesafe is allowed to cool and then opened. The internal temperature must not have exceeded 177°C (350°F) and the contents must e completely undamaged by fire and legible.

All Royal Firesafes undergoing this test have met with the stated requirements. In achieving these requirements in one of the tests the maximum temperature recorded inside the Royal Firesafe was 124°C (255°C), well inside the limit of 177°C (350°F).

Cash rating for insurance purposes:
Leabank Royal Firesafes are designed to protect documents against loss through fire. Insurance cover for loss of cash by theft should be deter-mined by your insurance company who will also take into account, location and other security measures.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Leabank Royal Executive EX-68ST 110 638 / 473 / 502 470 / 325 / 320 49
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Model Leabank Royal Executive EX-68ST
Weight 110
External H / W / D (mm) 638 / 473 / 502
Internal H / W / D (mm) 470 / 325 / 320
Volume (litres) 49
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