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Lampertz Dis Data Safe S5

DIMENSIONS - 1850 / 1235 / 825 mm
WEIGHT - 1241 kg
VOLUME - 545 m3

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Lampertz Dis Data Safe S5

Ultimate testing — security for Lamperts Dis-Data-Safes S 120 DIS

  • A 120 minute, 1090°C fire resistance test at the Techni­cal Institute of the University of Braunschweig to VDMA 24991 Test specifications.
  • After 120 minutes firing the furnace burners are switched off and the red hot safe is left in the closed furnace to cool off naturally until its internal temperature has reached its peak. This "furnace soak-out" period is the critical phase of the test.
  • The test ends only after the safe's internal temperature starts to drop.
  • Recorded temperatures are carefully documented. In some cases the highest tem­peratures in the safe were recorded 8-10 hours after commencement of the test.
  • The diskettes placed in the safe at the start of test were removed and run at the testing Institute and found to be fully operational.
  • e.g. max. inner temperature of Dis-Data-Safe® S4 40°C.

Fire-impact and drop test according to VDMA 24991.
This drop test is meant to as-certain whether the safe would survive a free fall to another building level and still continue burning in a second inferno without damage to its very deli­cate contents. How often has an entire storey collapsed in a fire, dropping the computer facility into a second fire below.

  • A second identical safe is placed in the furnace which has been pre-heated within 30 minutes up to 1090°C, con­tinued firing for 45 minutes then follows within four minutes of switching off the burners the safe is removed and dropped onto a bed of gravel from a height of 9.15 m, while the furnace is left shut.
  • The safe is then replaced in the furnace and fired again for 45-minutes at 900°C. Even this test does not end until the highest temperature in the safe has been reached.
  • e.g. max. inner temperature of Dis-Data-Safe® S 4 38 °C.

Explosive and Magnetic Field Test.
A third test concerns the explo­sive risk factor. Four contact explosive packs in varying strength from 200 to 400 grams were detonated on the explo­sion testing grounds of the German Institute of Technical Emergency Aid. The safe looked as if it had just beer under a major bomb attack although only one door hinge gave way. All other hinges and door locking bolts held out the blasts.

Magnetic field test.
Not only are our Dis-Data-Safes designed to withstand heat and bomb attacks but also wilfully applied magnetic fields desi­gned to erase recorded infor­mation. A test carried out at Cologne University showed that technically normal, portable electromagnets just cannot penetrate the Lampertz Dis-Data-Safe housing sufficiently to neutralize the data media inside.

Lampertz Dis-Data-Safe S 100

Workstation Data Security

The Personal Computer has firmly established itself as standard equipment in all levels of industry and commerce. It is often involved in the processing of highly sophisticated and classified information that must be protected against unau­thorized access, misappropriation or loss through fire, water or caustic gases in a natural catastrophe. Without such vital data the business is paralyzed.

To counter these possibilities Lampertz, market leaders in physical data safety equipment, intro­duced this highly specified yet compact model. Having successfully passed the 1000°C furnace temperature and 9.15 m drop tests, the model S 100 was awarded the coveted VDMA S 60 DIS quality classification at the University of Braun­schweig.

Lampertz Dis-Data-Safe S 35 VS

Combined security for sensitive hardware, software & data.

Government security services, military installations, legal autho­rities and research establish­ments all deal with "Classified Data".

To ensure that such sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands it is essential that the highest security measures are taken. In the case of classified data this can now be secured and be fully operational within the new Dis-Data-Safes® S 35 VS featuring the unique Lampertz cable ducting systems. Certified to the RAL - RG 626/9 classifi­cation this unit has received German approval for top secret government applications.

  • Auto-closure pull-out shelves
  • Fan-assisted air circulation
  • Power and communication cable ducting
  • High temperature sealing and insulation against the ingres­sion of caustic gases, steam and water contaminents
  • Automax closure with integral alarms:
  • Vibration anti-tamper detector:
  • Electrical monitoring of door bolts:
  • Combination lock & cross bolt system. Classified data
  • standard acc. to the German Technical Post headquarters.
  • Single door "slam shut" operation


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Lampertz Dis Data Safe S5 1241 1850 / 1235 / 825 1380 / 850 / 465 545
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Model Lampertz Dis Data Safe S5
Weight 1241
External H / W / D (mm) 1850 / 1235 / 825
Internal H / W / D (mm) 1380 / 850 / 465
Volume (litres) 545
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