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ISM Jewelers MK 7 6034

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DIMENSIONS - 1690 / 1015 / 735 mm
WEIGHT - 1630 kg
VOLUME - 675 m3

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ISM Jewelers Mk 8
U.L. TRTL—15X6

The Jewelers Mk 8 is one of the first safes to receive the U.L's newest label, the TRTL—15X6 torch and tool resistant safe.

The Jewelers Mk 8 offers features in physical construction, use of materials and mechanism design that together form a unique defense barrier in which each component enhances ISM's concept of total security.

The overall thickness of the door is 165mm (6.5"). It is constructed of outer and inner steel plates of 6 mm (0.25") and 10 mm (0.4") thickness respectively, that are continuously welded together, enclosing a 50 mm (2") thick casting of Alchronite. Alchronite is ISM's patented composite material that has been proven to have superior torch and drill resistant qualities. Additional protection is provided by a frame of copper bars on all sides of the door jamb.

The body of the Mk 8 is a one piece bell casting of Alchronite 40 mm (1.6") thick and going up to 125 mm (5") thickness at the boltwork protective area. In addition the body is constructed with a dense layer of Insutex, ISM's superior insulation material, to protect the safe's contents against severe fires.

The Jewelers Mk 8 safe is equipped with a U.L. listed group 1 Manipulation Proof combination lock. A second nine lever double-bit key lock is provided in conjunction with the combination lock. As an optional extra all models (except the 2517 & 3622) are fitted to accept a three movement time lock.

The boltwork and locking mechanism were designed to give maximum protection against explosive attacks from all directions. The safe has a three way moving boltwork with fixed bolts on the hinge side of the door.

Relocking Devices:
The locks and vital mechanism areas are protected by a special glass plate which if tampered with releases a number of randomly located relockers independent of the locks. This provides the safe with a maximum security deterrent.

Interior Fittings:
Adjustable/removable shelves are available for setting up the safe interior to accept trays for jewelry, cash, and other valuables.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
ISM Jewelers MK 7 6034 1630 1690 / 1015 / 735 1530 / 865 / 510 675
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Model ISM Jewelers MK 7 6034
Weight 1630
External H / W / D (mm) 1690 / 1015 / 735
Internal H / W / D (mm) 1530 / 865 / 510
Volume (litres) 675
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