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ISM Diamond DV5521

DIMENSIONS - 1657 / 781 / 394 mm
WEIGHT - 2359 kg
VOLUME - 379 m3

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ISM Diamond Vault

The ISM Diamond Vault has taken the lead in development and engineering of one of the most sophisticated six-sided burglary resistant safes manu­factured in the world today. Never before has more time, experience, and expense in development of the most massive defense barriers, been molded together to form an uninterrupted, superior physical defense capability. Tried, tested and proven materials and design have made the ISM Diamond Vault the new standard in the industry today.

The Diamond Vault has an overall thickness of 7 1/2" (190 mm). It is constructed of outer and inner steel plates electrically welded together and enclosing a 3" (72 mm) thick cast of alchronite, ISM's unique, superior, advanced torch and drill resisting barrier defense material.

Alchronite was developed to withstand the most concentrated attacks, using the most sophisticated equipment, by burglars today. A highly torch resistant cast alloy surrounds a consistently staggered drill resistant alloy multi-grid, assuring a complete barrier with no weak points. To provide additional strength and protection against a torch attack in the door jambs, two dense frames of copper alloy are strategically incorporated into the alchronite cast.

The Diamond Vault body features a completely tailored one piece cast inner body of alchronite with a minimum thickness of 2" (50 mm) to a maximum boltwork protective area of 3" (75 mm). Further protection is provided against torch attack upon the boltwork chamber area by two defense frames of copper alloy in the alchronite cast. An additional outer body torch and drill resistant monolith 2 1/4" (55 mm) thick fills and encases multiple steel reinforcing cylinders, providing superior burglary as well as fire protection. The outer and inner bodies are encased in continuously electrically welded steel plates, making up an entire body thickness of 4 3/4" (120 mm).

The ISM Diamond Vault is equipped with a maximum security Underwriters Laboratories Group 1 manipulation proof combination lock. A second maximum security eight lever key lock is provided in conjunction with the combination lock. When the door of the safe is closed, it is impossible to remove the key without securing the bolts in the locked position. Even if the combination lock is not engaged, the safe is still secure.

The Diamond Vault boltwork and locking mechanism was designed to give maximum protection against not only explosive attack, but from concentrated tool attacks from all directions. Turning the capstan wheel operates a gear driven slide mechanism which engages each bolt into the alchronite bolt chamber. These massive slides move perpendicular to the bolts and provide a positive defense barrier against bolt attack. Each bolt slides through a thick solid steel block encasement. These blocks prevent the bolts from any lateral movement due to explosive or tool attack. Upon entry into the bolt chamber, each bolt is independently cross locked in the solid steel block by massive steel bars.

All locks, including the timelock if incorporated, vital mechanism areas, and the relocking devices themselves are protected by tempered glass plates. These plates, if attacked by tools, torches or explosives, will shatter into pieces, thus activating the relocking mechanism. Each relocking bolt located far from the combination or key lock is further protected by a cross locking mechanism, which immediately freezes the relocking bolt in the locked position.

The Diamond Vault may be equipped, as an optional extra, with a two or three movement, 144 hour timelock that locks the safe independent of any other lock. This method of locking prevents holdups after hours. A time delay combination lock is available as an optional extra in place of the key lock. This time delay combination lock can be preset to open the safe in a specified number of minutes during business hours. Signs for both devices are affixed to the outside of the safe.

Adjustable/removable shelves are available for setting up the safe interior to accept jewelry trays, cash trays, rolled coins, and other valuables. In each Diamond Vault is an inner vault activated by a single key lock.

A modern stainless capstan wheel and an anodized aluminum facia panel compliment the durable paint finish, standard on all ISM Security Equipment.

To achieve immediate access into the United States market, the Diamond Vault was submitted to the Underwriters Laboratories for testing, and passed the most severe TRTL 30x6 test.

This label should be considered only as a point of departure when considering the superior security offered by this safe. "WE HAVE DESIGNED AND CONSTRUCTED THE DIAMOND VAULT TO PROTECT THE PRICELESS, NOT JUST TO MEET A STANDARD".


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
ISM Diamond DV5521 2359 1657 / 781 / 394 1397 / 534 / 508 379
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Model ISM Diamond DV5521
Weight 2359
External H / W / D (mm) 1657 / 781 / 394
Internal H / W / D (mm) 1397 / 534 / 508
Volume (litres) 379
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