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ISM Cash Vault MK 3 3521

DIMENSIONS - 1090 / 735 / 720 mm
WEIGHT - 1060 kg
VOLUME - 219 m3

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ISM Cash Vault Mk 2

The Cash Vault Mk 2 is a high quality safe featuring six-sided protection with a unique locking mechanism. The Cash Vault Mk 2 was designed to withstand attack by modern burglary tools.

The overall thickness of the Cash Vault Mk 2 door is 150 mm (6"). It is constructed of outer and inner steel plates of 10 mm (0.4") thick­ness each, electrically welded together and enclosing a 30 mm (1.2") thick casting of C.N.A. ISM's superior torch and drill resistant composite material. The C.N.A. was developed by ISM to withstand all forms of attack by force, drills, and oxy-acetylene cutters. It consists of a tough thermal resis­tant cast alloy within which a consistently staggered drill resis­tant alloy multi-grid is incorpo­rated, covering the whole area of the door.

The overall thickness of the body is 75 mm (3") incorporating outer and inner steel plates, that are continuously welded, and a 65 mm (2.6") thick layer of ISM's CS-600 Monolith, reinforced with a tough cage construction of heavy steel grids. ISM's CS-600 Monolith is a tool and torch resis­tant material of extremely high density. This forms a formidable armoured barrier against attacks using tools and drills or oxy­acetylene cutting.

Boltwork and Locking Mechanism
The ISM Cash Vault Mk 2 is equip­ped with a three way active boltwork of a unique design which provides the bolts an independent form of protection against not only explosive attack but also from concentrated tool attacks from all directions. The bolts are 30 mm (1.2") in diameter of high-strength steel and are nickel plated. By turning the handle to the locking position, the bolts are extended by a sliding mechanism which moves perpendicularly to the bolts thus providing a positive defense barrier against bolt attack. The bolts in the locking position are each extended into their C.N.A. chamber which ensures complete solidarity with the body.

Relocking Mechanism
The locks and vital mechanism areas are protected against tool, torch, or explosive attacks by a tempered glass plate. The glass if attacked will shatter into pieces, thus activating the random relock­ers. In addition two live relockers are activated if the locks are attacked. All the relockers have cross locking pins which will not allow them to be withdrawn after being activated.

The ISM Cash Vault Mk 2 is equip­ped with a U.L. MP Group 1 maximum security combination lock. A second nine lever double-bit key lock is provided in conjunc­tion with the combination lock. When the door of the safe is closed, it is impossible to remove the key without securing the bolts in the locking position, thus en­suring that even if the combina­tion lock is not engaged, the safe is secure. As an optional extra all models (except the 2416 size) are prepared to accept a three move­ment 144 hour time-lock that locks the safe independent of any other lock. This prevents holdups after hours.

Interior Fittings
Adjustable/removable shelves are available for setting up the safe interior to accept jewelry trays, cash trays, rolled coins, and other valuables.

A modern anodized aluminum capstan wheel operating handle and facia panel compliment the durable paint finish, standard on all ISM Security Equipment.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
ISM Cash Vault MK 3 3521 1060 1090 / 735 / 720 890 / 535 / 460 219
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Model ISM Cash Vault MK 3 3521
Weight 1060
External H / W / D (mm) 1090 / 735 / 720
Internal H / W / D (mm) 890 / 535 / 460
Volume (litres) 219
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