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Heerum HWS 511 DD

DIMENSIONS - 1710 / 1500 / 775 mm
WEIGHT - 2980 kg
VOLUME - 883 m3

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Heerum resistance class 5 safes are certified by both the Association of Property Damage Insurers (VdS) and the Safe and Vault Research and Testing Association. Each unit therefore has obtained dual certification.

Optionally, all safes can be specially armored to protect them against penetration by diamond-tip drills. In this case, a separate inspection of the safe's resistance to diamond drills is performed. This additional level of protection results in resi­stance class 6 insurance classification.

Standard lock: 1 key-activated lock (SS), mechanical, in accord. with VdS Class 2 (B), 1 code lock (CS), mechanical, 3 disks, in accord. with VdS Class 2 (B)

Standard enamel: RAL 7032, pale gray tone

Special enamels: Optional

Door hinges: DIN strip, left or right

Lock – Alternatives to the standard locks:

a) 2 key-activated locks (SS), mechanical
b) 2 code locks (CS), mechanical
c) 1 key-activated lock (SS), mechanical, 1 electronic code lock (ECS)
d) 1 code lock (CS), mechanical, 1 electronic code lock (ECS)
e) 2 electronic code locks (ECS) Every lock complies with VdS class 2 (B) requirements

Optional internal compartments with either single or double locking doors can be installed. For all models from HWS 52 on, safe deposit boxes for customer rental can also be installed.

Mechanical provisions for the installation of monitoring components:

  • Impact alarm
  • Control contact (lock display)
  • Magnetic contact (door position display)
  • Lock bolt
  • Wire guide along the upper door frame
  • Base plate for miniature distributors

Other alarm preparations/equipment such as coaxial cables, alarm pads, etc. can be provi­ded.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Heerum HWS 511 DD 2980 1710 / 1500 / 775 1510 / 1300 / 450 883
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Model Heerum HWS 511 DD
Weight 2980
External H / W / D (mm) 1710 / 1500 / 775
Internal H / W / D (mm) 1510 / 1300 / 450
Volume (litres) 883
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