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Guardian Merchant 3520

  • Cash rating
DIMENSIONS - 1067 / 686 / 736 mm
WEIGHT - 835 kg
VOLUME - 232 m3

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Guardian Merchant Cash Safes

A heavier quality safe incorporating additional protective features for use in high risk areas or where substantial cash holdings are necessary. The Merchant is engineered to provide the best protection against modern methods of attack including explosives, drills and sophisticated forcing tools.

The inner and outer bodies are constructed from high grade British steel with a total metal thickness of 9.7mm. The cavity is infilled with a specially formulated anti-penetration material giving an over-all body thickness of 89mm.

The 6.4mm steel outer door plate is backed by two 6.4mm hardened drill resistant inner plates covering the total door area. The inner door case is filled with 29mm of solid anti-penetration material. The total metal thickness is 27mm whilst the overall door thickness is 114mm.

Three way moving bolts and rear fixed dog bolts are manufactured from 32mm diameter solid bright drawn steel and engage deep into cups in the inner lining for maximum strength.

The very substantial boltwork is secured by a high security nine lever safe keylock with keys in duplicate. Combination locking or dual control locking is available as an optional extra.

Anti-Explosive Devices
A "live" secondary locking device engages every time the safe is locked to protect the boltwork should the main lock be attacked. The "dead" relocking devices are randomly fitted and are engaged in the event of an explosive attack. A special glass plate in front of the main lock and linked to the relocking devices provides additional protection against attacks on the lock using explosives, drills or cutting equipment.

All sizes have provision for base fixing to a wooden or concrete floor.

Optional Fittings
All sizes are available with shelves adjustable at 12mm (1/2") pitches. All sizes can be fitted with a full width lockable drawer or a pair of half-width drawers.

Deposit Facilities
Rotary deposit traps and angled deposit tubes are available on all sizes.

Black hammer enamel.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Guardian Merchant 3520 835 1067 / 686 / 736 889 / 508 / 514 232
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Model Guardian Merchant 3520
Weight 835
External H / W / D (mm) 1067 / 686 / 736
Internal H / W / D (mm) 889 / 508 / 514
Volume (litres) 232
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