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FireKing Lateral International 2 Drawer 2U3820-CML

DIMENSIONS - 759 / 952 / 562 mm
WEIGHT - 264 kg
VOLUME - 92 m3

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FireKing Vertical 25” International Series

An incredible combination of strength and durability. At an affordable price.

Introducing the new and improved FireKing Vertical 25" International Series, a sturdy, dependable, fireproof file that offers unbeatable records protection at an affordable price. The FireKing Vertical 25" file cabinets are perfect for your home, personal office or small business. Remember, your documents and records are the very lifeblood of your business. Don’t sacrifice on protection. Vertical 25" files are ideal for: Tax Records, Insurance Records, Contracts, Deeds, Journals, Accounts Payable/ Receivable. Or any irreplaceable documents or records.

The Quality You Need. The Features You Want...
When it comes to protecting your valuable records, few files can offer you as much as the FireKing Vertical 25" International Series. Vertical 25" files carry the Underwriters Laboratories® Class 350 One-Hour fire rating. This is no coincidence when you consider the Vertical 25" Series files feature 100% gypsum oven-dried insulation. FireKing Vertical 25" International Series files new and improved features include: contemporary recessed handles, high sides to accommodate hanging file folders, and UL® Listed high-security Medeco® keylocks. Other Vertical 25" file features are durable, scratch-resistant powder-coated finish, a lock bypass lever, heavy-duty telescoping all-bearing suspension, and removable/replaceable panels.

...Plus Protection That's Guaranteed.
For added peace of mind, Vertical 25" files carry a Lifetime Warranty, along with a Lifetime Free Replacement Guarantee in the event of damage by fire. If your Vertical 25" file ever has to perform its job in a fire, we'll give you a new one - free.

FireKing Vertical 25" International Series offers dependable fireproof records protection for your home or office at an affordable price. Vertical 25" files are available in 25" depth, in 2- and 4-drawer models and in FireKing’s 9 standard colors.

The International's casting is of 100% gypsum insulation, dried in a low temperature oven to reduce free moisture to less than 1/2%. Insulation is reinforced with 2 mm-thick galvanized welded-steel wire and insulation between all drawers, which makes each drawer a separate insulated container.

Steel Panels
All exterior International steel panels are replaceable in the field in the event of minor damage.

An electrostatically applied powder coating makes for the International's superior scratch, scuff and stain resistance. Plus, a five-stage prefinishing treatment is provided for unmatched adhesion and rust resistance.

Drawer Suspensions
Heavy-duty telescoping all-bearing drawer suspension is securely mounted with screws to metal posts in the International file body.

Drawer Bodies
Each International drawer body is built with high sides for use with hanging folders - no additional frames are required. Drawers are suitable for A-4, box file, folio, foolscap and ledger filing. (Divider rails are available with each file to allow for a variety of filing configurations.)

Drawer Heads
International drawer heads are formed of welded steel and filled with gypsum insulation. Drawer heads are designed for a tight interlock with the cabinet frame - making the drawers extra resistant to heat transfer.

Drawer Lock
The FireKing Vertical 25" International Series files feature UL® Listed high security Medeco locks and optional combination locks for additional security and multiple locking.

Drawer Bypass
Drawer Bypass feature works for all International drawers. In its "up" position, a two-position drawer catch allows that drawer to stay unlocked while all other drawers remain locked.

Drawer Pulls
International's contemporary recessed handles offer the look most wanted by today's office designers.

Product Warranty
All International files bear a Lifetime Warranty from date of purchase.

Free Replacement Guarantee
If your Vertical 25" International File is ever required to protect your records in a fire, FireKing will replace your file free after it's done its job, if any damage occurred to its exterior.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
FireKing Lateral International 2 Drawer 2U3820-CML 264 759 / 952 / 562 295 / 810 / 387 92
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Model FireKing Lateral International 2 Drawer 2U3820-CML
Weight 264
External H / W / D (mm) 759 / 952 / 562
Internal H / W / D (mm) 295 / 810 / 387
Volume (litres) 92
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