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Fichet Bauche Richelieu Wall 12

DIMENSIONS - 296 / 405 / 214 mm
WEIGHT - 20 kg
VOLUME - 12 m3

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Door: Mounted on internal hinges with two 25mm dia. cylindrical bolts in the leading edge and a full height dog bolt at the rear. Defensive thickness is 8mm steel reinforced by drill-resisting steel in front of the locking system.

Body: Constructed of steel it is designed to be installed in a 30cm wall. The oversize rear plate ensures the best anchorage.

Volume: 12 litres, a removable shelf divides the inside equally.

Finish: Textured black paint finish.

FICHET is France's largest locks and security company. Behind every Fichet product there is the enormous resource that comes with a history of 160 years designing and manufacturing locks, safes, strongrooms and security systems for every type of domestic and commercial application.

FOUNDED in 1825 in Paris by Alexandre Fichet the company grew to dominance in the security market in France and then Europe. Now Fichet is a multi-million pound group with a vast range of products and a presence worldwide. The company who designed the unique cylindrical lock and famous four-sided Fichet key — of which millions are made every year — is the same company which made the huge vaults and their great round moon door at the world famous Hong Kong Shanghai Bank.

RESEARCH into new high-performance materials and product innovation ensure that Fichet provide advanced solutions to today's security problems. Fichetinstallations are also backed up by appointed engineers to give our customers an expert after-sales service

Prevention, protection, security is always a compromise. Our objective is to avoid you being one of the million burglary victims each year in Britain.

· A safe is the last defence for your most treasured possessions — jewellery, money, valuables, legal documents, contracts and cheques.

· A safe is the one fortified obstacle which delays the burglar, especially when it is a safe from Fichet.

The Richelieu wall safes when installed in a wall offer complete protection:— high security locks, an "H" section key and a three tube combination lock, a rebated safe door with engagement into the body, antidrill protection amongst many other features.

Fichet's experience and technological know how make it possible even in the home to have a product to defeat most attacks. The fact that the wall safe is hidden makes it all the more effective.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Fichet Bauche Richelieu Wall 12 20 296 / 405 / 214 236 / 345 / 155 12
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Model Fichet Bauche Richelieu Wall 12
Weight 20
External H / W / D (mm) 296 / 405 / 214
Internal H / W / D (mm) 236 / 345 / 155
Volume (litres) 12
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