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Fichet Bauche Galion 80

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DIMENSIONS - 1870 / 1210 / 830 mm
WEIGHT - 2280 kg
VOLUME - 880 m3

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In France, over 1 500 safes are attacked every year.
Nowadays industrial and business premises are among the thief's priority targets. If the prospective booty is attractive, the thief is often ready to have a go - once, that is, he has made a thorough assessment of the risk involved.

A profound knowledge of this risk factor plus more than a century's experience of security systems provide the basis for the "GALION" range of safes now being introduced by Fichet-Bauche. The defensive structures built into the body of the safe and the door are designed to obstruct the action not only of oxyacetylene cutting torches but also of oxy-arc torches and mechanical tools.

A complex defensive system
The defensive structures of the walls and the door are of the type known as "complex". That means that they are made up of materials and products differing in character and composition and applied and arranged in a special way.

These materials include:

  • "DRATOR". This is a new refractory agglomerate developed by Fichet-Bauche and specially designed to withstand attack by torches. It is likewise highly resistant to compression and the blows applied by mechanical drills.
  • "VOLCANITE 133". This synthetic material is poured hot and hardened chemically round a heavy-section crossed metal grid. Thanks to an instantaneous and unexpected "self-defence" mechanism, the material is highly resistant to combined mechanical and thermal attacks.

High-security locking system
The "GALION" range of safes are fitted on the standard version with our new "M2i" key-operated lock as well as with our "Monocommande" combination lock with its 63 million possible combinations.

Patented by Fichet-Bauche, the "M2i" key-operated lock is actuated by a key of "three-directional" shape comprising 7 levers distributed round its periphery.

Re-locking devices
These mechanisms live and dead irreversibly secure the lock movement and therefore the bolts in the event of attacks with mechanical tools, torches or explosives.

Time lock
Model 12 and upwards can be fitted with a time lock which prevents the door being opened for a period of up to 160 hours as set by the user.

Dual-purpose handle
This handle consists of a moving part for operating the bolts and a static part for opening and shutting the door.


Inner cabinet
An inner cabinet can be fitted in the upper portion of the safe. This is secured by a "Monopole" key-operated lock.

All "GALION" safes are designed for fixing to the floor.

Internal alarm
An internal alarm system can be installed by a standard procedure without difficulty.

180° door opening
The door, mounted on internal hinges, opens to a full 180°. The door turns in a double-pivot system patented by Fichet-Bauche.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Fichet Bauche Galion 80 2280 1870 / 1210 / 830 1660 / 1020 / 510 880
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Model Fichet Bauche Galion 80
Weight 2280
External H / W / D (mm) 1870 / 1210 / 830
Internal H / W / D (mm) 1660 / 1020 / 510
Volume (litres) 880
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