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Fichet Bauche Enigma 50

DIMENSIONS - 1970 / 655 / 500 mm
WEIGHT - 133 kg
VOLUME - 500 m3

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Espionage is a fact of life. It takes place every day : unscrupulous companies steal trade secrets from competitors... indiscreet employees obtain personal information on their company managers...customer files disappear...In order to ensure that your most classified information is secure and remains highly confidential, Fichet has designed the Enigma security cabinet. A variety of solutions that are as effective as they are solidly built :

  • 20/10 welded steel plate panels,
  • double paneled doors,
  • elliptical bolts,
  • Fichet locks for optimum security,
  • anti-omission systems, etc

These cabinets come in five different models with one or two leaf doors, offering a wide range of possibilities for interior fittings.

The Enigma security cabinet line complies with the most stringent official requirements on the protection of secrecy and confidentiality, thus considerably reducing your risks.

Particularly well devised security
Two security systems are more effective than one. In order to resist high speed break-in tools, the Enigma line offers a solid metal structure in 20/10 welded steel plate panels combined with elliptical bolts, an innovative concept found only in Fichet products.

Design and ergonomics
Your Enigma cabinets contain documents that you must access frequently. Thanks to their wide range of adjustable interior fittings, you may perfectly adapt the cabinets to your daily use. The general design and ergono­mics of the Enigma line's acces­sories were entrusted to a French industrial design consulting firm. The result is an elegant design and a perfect finish that provides one of the best compromises bet­ween easy integration into your working environment and security. The ergonomic forms were desi­gned for the combination lock and the door handle, and thus reduce the risk of errors in use.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Fichet Bauche Enigma 50 133 1970 / 655 / 500 1830 / 650 / 425 500
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Model Fichet Bauche Enigma 50
Weight 133
External H / W / D (mm) 1970 / 655 / 500
Internal H / W / D (mm) 1830 / 650 / 425
Volume (litres) 500
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