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Fichet Bauche Egide 38 on legs

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DIMENSIONS - 899 / 593 / 475 mm
WEIGHT - 320 kg
VOLUME - 38 m3

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The body of the safes in the EGIDE range has a defensive thickness of 80 mm.

It is formed of two envelopes of steel, between which our extra-hard agglomerate is poured. This is highly abrasive and fire-resistant and greatly retards the action of oxyacetylene cutting torches and heat (fire).

Additional drill resisting steel plating reinforces this structure on all sides of the body. Its purpose is to prevent penetration of the portable mechanical tools used by safe-breakers.

The total thickness of the door is 136 mm. It comprises a protective slab 80 mm thick made up of the same components as those used for the body. The door is mounted on internal hinges and can be fully opened through 180°. This is achieved by a patented double hinge system.

The bolts are cylindrical with a diameter of 35 mm. All the safes in the EGIDE range have an upper and a lower bolt (the latter also acting as a spring bolt) as well as bolts on the leading edge of the door.

On the hinge side a continuous fixed bolt completes the mechanism which locks the door in the closed position. When closed, the profiled edge of the door engages in the recessed frame.

Main lock
This is the new Fichet-Bauche "M2i" high-precision pump lock operated by a key with 7 levers spaced round its circumference.

The centrally operated C2CP combination maintains confidentiality and is very simple to use.

Re-locking system
EGIDE safes are fitted with re-locking mechanisms which irreversibly secure the lock movement if the security devices are attacked from outside.

Inside fittings
The standard version has adjustable shelves which can be set at different heights. The number of shelves varies according to the model. Optionally, an internal cupboard may be fitted into the upper portion of 65 and 65 on plinth type safes.

EGIDE safes are painted "mid-beige" with a satin finish.

Base fixing
All the safes in this range have been designed for anchorage to the floor.

Standard arrangements can be made to connect an internal alarm system.

Fire resistant test
On 10th March 1981 an EGIDE 65 safe successfully passed a fire resistance test at the Scientific and Technical Building Centre (C.S.T.B.) in Champs-sur-Marne.

In this test, papers are placed inside the safe, which is then locked and put into a furnace heated to 925 °C for 60 minutes (and don't forget that paper ignites spontaneously at 177 °C even if it is not in contact with a flame).

A conclusive demonstration
The fire protection provided by Fichet-Bauche proved effective, and the temperature inside the EGIDE 65 safe stayed well below 177 °C during this test.

All the documents placed inside were recovered intact.



Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Fichet Bauche Egide 38 on legs 320 899 / 593 / 475 370 / 415 / 245 38
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Model Fichet Bauche Egide 38 on legs
Weight 320
External H / W / D (mm) 899 / 593 / 475
Internal H / W / D (mm) 370 / 415 / 245
Volume (litres) 38
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