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Fichet Bauche Arden 110 SA

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DIMENSIONS - 1287 / 630 / 575 mm
WEIGHT - 420 kg
VOLUME - 110 m3

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The Body
The body of the "ARDEN" safe range has a de­fensive thickness of 65 mm. It is formed of two envelopes of steel, between which our extra-hard conglomerate is poured- This has a high abrasive strength and is fire resistant, considerably slowing down the action of the oxyacetylene cuffing torch and of heat (fire).

In the armour plated version, this structure is rein-forced on all sides of the safe by special sheet steel. It is designed to oppose penetration by rob­ber's portable tools.

The Door
The total door thickness is 122 mm. It comprises a defensive wall thickness of 65 mm formed of ele­ments identical to those used for the body. The main components of the boltwork are however more especially protected against mechanical attacks by criminals.

Door opening is provided for by external hinges allowing complete opening to 180°.

The bolts are cylindrical, having a diameter of 30 mm. All the "ARDEN" range of safes have a lower and upper bolt (also associated to an active "Relocking" device), in addition to the lateral bolts on the door front. On the hinge side, a continuous fixed bolt completes locking of the door in closed position.

Combination Lock
The "C2C" combination lock maintains the secret of the lock. This new Fichet-Bauche combination lock is very simple for the user to operate.

Main Lock
This is a high precision "M2b" type lock, actuated by a 7 round bit key. It cannot be imitated and it is anonymous.

Internal Fittings
The standard version has removable shelves which can be set at different heights. Their number varies according to the model.

As an option and on models 110, 150, 225, 350 it is possible to have an internal cabinet fitted in the upper section of the safe. The latter is locked by an "M2b" lock.

The "ARDEN" range of safes are coated in "medium beige" satin-finished lacquer. The handle for acuating the bolts, the button for actuating the "C2C" combina­tion lock and the entrance cover are in matt black aluminium alloy (with the ex­ception of the 36 model).

All the safes of this range are designed to be anchored on ground and/or to the wall.

The power supply for the internal alarm system may be provided by standard means with no difficulty.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Fichet Bauche Arden 110 SA 420 1287 / 630 / 575 670 / 490 / 330 110
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Model Fichet Bauche Arden 110 SA
Weight 420
External H / W / D (mm) 1287 / 630 / 575
Internal H / W / D (mm) 670 / 490 / 330
Volume (litres) 110
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