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Deposit Safes

Deposit Safes are Cash Safes that provide access to deposit goods without opening the safe door.The deposit safe can be an Letter, Roll top or Tube this permits staff members to securely store items without compromising security. Deposit Safes and drop safes are an excellent way to deposit money and valuables without gaining access to the main safe compartment. Deposit Safes are used in petrol stations, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, schools and offices. ATOZ's deposit safes are available with various deposit options including; drawer traps, rotary traps, deposit chutes and envelope deposit slots. Deposit safes and drop safes are available in various security grades and sizes to suit businesses wanting to secure cash, documents, access swipe cards etc.
Deposit Safes are ideal for use in retail shops and the food industry; in fact any company which has a high turnover of cash through tills should seriously consider buying a cash deposit safe. The benefit other than keeping cash or valuables safe and secure is the fact that only the key holder has access to the deposit safe contents whereas many different people can drop cash or valuables into the safe. A deposit safe is also ideal when the key holder is not available.