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Churchill Safes

Churchill Safes designs, manufactures and supplies safes throughout the UK, Europe and Asia. Churchill is a UK based company and has been in operation for over 30 years. Churchill Safes offers a wide range of freestanding safes, wall and underfloor safes and security cabinets.

The Churchill range of Underground safes offer the highest protection from theft and burglary. By concreting the safe underground protection is greater as forced entry is a very long process. Churchill underfloor safes are recommended by all major insurers in the UK and have all been independently tested to the most stringent standards. Choose from insurance approved cash ratings from the Domestic at £4000, the Bulldog and Vector at £6000, and the Sapphire with £10,000, the Ruby at £17,500 and the Emerald at £35,000

The Churchill range of Underfloor safes have a deposit tube to allow the depositing of cash without the need to open the safe door. This type of underfloor safe is widely used in the retail trade, particularly in 24/7 petrol service stations, convenience stores and betting shops where there can be a lot of cash requiring secure protection at all times

The Churchill Bulldog range of underground safes will protect your valuables from theft and burglary. However the Bulldog has a higher capacity and a larger door aperture to allow easier access and storage for bulky valuables up to a value of £60,000 or cash up to £6000

Churchill Magpie security wall safes offer protection for valuables and is available in 4 sizes. They are fitted into a brick wall by removing bricks and bolting and cementing the safe securely. There is a choice of Key, mechanical dial combination and digital electronic locking