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Chubbsafes Mekanno

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The Chubbsafes Mekanno revolutionary concept of do-it-yourself, on-site cabinet assembly that combines tried-and-tested security with convenience, flexibility and mobility.
DIMENSIONS - 1950 / 940 / 500 mm
WEIGHT - 265 kg
VOLUME - 682 m3

Used to specify lock types on safes


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The Chubbsafes Mekanno revolutionary concept of do-it-yourself, on-site cabinet assembly that combines tried-and-tested security with convenience, flexibility and mobility.



Key Features
• Anti-drill plate on locks for additional protection against theft and large anti-drill plate to secure vulnerable areas of the locking mechanism
• Includes four adjustable shelves for storing cash, electronics, computers, sensitive information and more
• Ideal for banking, retail, commercial, military and government applications
• Self-assembled 3-mm security cabinet
• Around 45-minute assembly time: by you, by a Gunnebo approved partner, or by a Gunnebo installation team
• Equipped with a certified EN 1300 Class A doublebitted key lock
• Optional “magic module” locks available
• Capable of accepting two locks if required

Transportation made easy

Supplied in a single, easy-to-ship carton, the cabinet can be transported via a small van or truck, or even by carrying individual components by hand. Because you or the Gunnebo installation team assemble the cabinet on site, it can be erected in awkward or tight spaces, including basements and upper floors accessible only by stairs.

45 minutes to assembly

The Chubbsafes Mekanno cabinet is a unique safe on the market today that can be self-assembled on site, enabling you to protect
your valuables even in spaces that traditional safes cannot reach. In around 45 minutes, two people with simple tools can complete
a quick and easy assembly. To move locations, simply disassemble the safe into its original components and transport with ease.
Four adjustable shelves are offered on the cabinet.

Self-assembled security

Once correctly installed, the Chubbsafes Mekanno cabinet provides all the trusted security benefits of traditional welded cabinets, with the added advantage of easy transport and assembly. The cabinet is equipped with a certified EN 1300 Class A double-bitted key lock and can be customised with two optional “magic module” locks to your specific requirements. The anti-drill plate further secures the locks, delivering even greater protection against theft.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Chubbsafes Mekanno 265 1950 / 940 / 500 1785 / 868 / 440 682
£1,734.00 excl VAT £1,389.00 excl VAT
Model Chubbsafes Mekanno
Weight 265
External H / W / D (mm) 1950 / 940 / 500
Internal H / W / D (mm) 1785 / 868 / 440
Volume (litres) 682
£1,734.00 excl VAT £1,389.00 excl VAT